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FEDERAL ELECTION 2019: Blair too close to call

(Photo: A LNP volunteer at the East Ipswich polling booth today. River 949's Toni Thompson.)
The local seat of Blair remains on a knifes edge as counting continues in the 2019 Federal election.
Labor incumbent Shayne Neumann is sitting on 53.2% of the vote with Robert Shearman close on his heels with 46.8%.
In other local seats, Groom and Forde have both gone back to the LNP.
The incumbent and LNP MP for Groom John McVeigh held the seat with an easy win.
He was last sitting on 40,108 votes to Labor's Troy Kay 14,774.
Liberal incumbent for Forde Bert Van Manen has retained his seat with 61.6 percent of the vote now counted.
Nationally the target is 75 seats to win ...with 20 seats in doubt.
The LNP have retained 69 to Labor's 57.
The other five seats are to other parties including the Greens and Katter's Australia party.