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Scammers call claiming to be scam-busters

Criminals have found a way to get around people hanging up on annoying computer technical support calls - by claiming to be the ones trying to catch the scammers.

Moore's call on reported Nikorima move

Billy Moore has implored Brisbane to "go hammer and tong" for Mitchell Moses as two of the NRL club's biggest names are linked to exits from Red Hill.

ACT pill testing trial hailed a success

Australia's second pill testing trial has been declared a success by advocates after detecting dangerous substances which were then binned by festival-goers.

Childcare worker pay rise 'first': Shorten

Childcare workers would have their wages boosted by the taxpayer under a Labor government, but Bill Shorten has hinted that other industries could be in line for similar treatment.

Lindt Cafe sniper to sue NSW police

The chief sniper during the Lindt Cafe siege will sue NSW Police, alleging he and fellow officers were prevented from doing their jobs and the lives of cafe manager Tori Johnson and barrister Katrina Dawson could have been saved.

Crane falls on busy US street, kills four

A mother and her baby had a lucky escape when a construction crane fell off a building on Google's new campus in the US city of Seattle and smashed onto cars on the busy street below, killing four people.
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