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SQL IPS R94 Secret Sound Elite Portables 1200x600

We have more chances for you to win instant cash with our Secret Sound!

As Secret Sound goes, the cash will jackpot by $50 every time it doesn’t go off.

Keep listening to Marnie & Campo for Breakfast for your chance to play and keep an eye on this page below for the incorrect guesses.

Secret Sound thanks to Elite Portables Helidon
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Incorrect Guesses
 Marnie slapping Campo across the face for his singing
Shutting a lid on a tool box 
Hitting a fly swatter on a hard surface
Dough that's being thrown down to be kneaded
Clicking a pen down
Slapping a ruler on a desk
 shutting a  cupboard door
 Stapling fabric onto a canvas
Opening a fresh bottle of milk
Flicking a rubber band, pulling back and letting it go
Ripping open an envelope
Opening a fresh bottle of milk
Flicking a rubber band, pulling back and letting it go
Ripping open an envelope
smacking a fly with a fly swat
Smacking a bill down on the bench like a power bill
stomping on a ripe watermelon 
Stamping a piece of paper
Flicking a paper with a rubber band 
A guillotine going through a block of paper
a window lock clicking in 
A mouse trap
Slapping a watermelon
Hitting the floor with the heel of a shoe
Kick pedal hitting a bass drum
pushing down a stapler
 closing of a wheelie bin lid
 Slapping a milk top back on the container after you take a sip.
 A magnet attaching itself to something else like a fridge or another magnet
Bouncing a basketball
Dropping an egg
Slamming a heavy book shut.
 Opening a tin of coffee with a teaspoon 
 Closing a chest freezer
Closing a stapler 
bouncing a basketball
Slapping your thigh
Hitting a golf ball.
Holding the bottom end of a ruler and hitting a desk 
Hitting a balloon.
Closing an esky lid.
 a sliding flyscreen door
 When cut a carrot with force that sound Twack that it makes 
Kitchen cupboard door closing
Lighting a match on a matchbox
Shutting a telephone directory
Magnetic closure on a kitchen cabinet
 snapping shut the binders on a ring binder.
 when you close the lid on the chest freezer.
a judges gavel hitting the plate
 closing an aluminium louver
 Putting a pair of generic metal tongs on the sink
opening up a tin can 
 bouncing a basket ball
 cutting packaging strap off a box 
A judges gavel hitting the plate
closing an aluminium louver
Putting a pair of generic metal tongs on the sink
opening up a tin can 
bouncing a basket ball
cutting packaging strap off a box 
slamming a car door shut
A dart going into a dart board
Closing a caravan door
Start of a firework going off
Hitting a piece of meat with a meat mallet
Elastic band flicking on something
Slapping a piece of meat down on a table
Closing a toilet lid
slamming a lid on a piano
Tapping paper on the bench before you staple it
breaking of the seal when putting the straw into a juice box or popper
Stretch a balloon out and let one end go, flicking a balloon
Flicking a light switch
shutting a crisper drawer in the fridge
Flicking down a toilet seat
Striking a match
Dropping a frozen bag on peas on a bench
Directors clapper board
Pulling back a rear view mirror
Pulling a pool cue off the rack
Closing an esky lid
A mouse trap
Hitting a drum 
A soft close drawer closing 
Cracking a whip
An axe hitting a live tree
Plugging in a guitar amp in
opening a bottle of bubbly 
Hitting stop on a cassette player
Cracking an egg on the side of a bowl
Closing the petrol filler lid on the car
Meter box safety switch flicking off
Hitting a punching bag
Popping a seal on a glass jar
clicking in a seatbelt
Opening an umbrella
Lifting the lid on a wheely bin and letting it drop close
Using a nail gun
Snapping shut a reading case 
Closing the protective case on glasses
Pool balls hitting each other.
Using an electric stapler
Circuit breaker on a safety switch
Putting a gold coin down onto a bench. 
Popping the top off a spray can
Closing a toddlers safety gate
Flicking the lock across on a hotel room door
Pressing the ignition button on a BBQ
Bringing a visor down on a motorcycle helmet
Slip on a rubber glove and grab the bottom of it pull it out and it snaps back
Opening a tube of toothpaste
Sliding a sliding glass window shut
A mousetrap going off
Locking your security screen door
Splitting a deck of cards and tapping it on the table
Operating the deadlock on your front or back door
Dropping a bag of rice on the bench 
Turning a fan on
Changing the gears in the car
Sliding the lock on a Portaloo
Shooting a Nerf gun
Closing the plastic lid on a yogurt container
Hitting a bench or table with a blown up balloon
dropping a knife in a knife block
Pulling out a stopper of an open bottle of champagne
Hitting a bench or table with a blown up balloon
dropping a knife in a knife block
Pulling out a stopper of an open bottle of champagne
Packet of face masks being dropped in the table
Striking a match
Closing the lid of your laptop
An electric kettle once it's boiled it flicks off
The clip boards that have the steel clip across the top, lifting the lid and dropping it
Popping the bubbles on your bubble wrap
Flicking a ruler on a table top.
 Closing a padlock
 Snapping a belt
Hitting a hard hat on a table
Throwing $2860 down on the table
Ear muffs being slapped together
An axe hitting a lump of wood
dropping an egg
closing a metal latch on a portable esky
Door catch letting go when you open it
Opening the car bonnet
Sliding a window shut and it's the catch locking
Breaking a Taekwondo board
A gym ball hitting the floor 
Locking a padlock
Shutting a tin esky
Closing a glasses case
Snapping closed a bag clip
Slappin 2 wooden rulers together
 Firing a nail from a nail gun into timber
 an electric stapler
Turning an indicator on on a car
Flicking a ring top on a self opening can
When you drive off and car doors lock automatically
Closing the door on a safe 
Magnetic latch on a child safety gate
Firing a staple gun 
Hitting a baseball with a baseball bat
Pulling a paint sleeve off a paint roller
First thing in the morning when you open the electric window in the car
an electrical safety switch
 closing a baby gate
sliding a deadlock on a door
A spurt of insect spray
Automatic pest sprayer
Insect Sprayer with the can that you put on the wall
opening the flap on sunscreen
An airbag in the car going off
A fly squat
Slapping a hand over a coin
Closing a briefcase
Locking a deadlock
Closing a glovebox on a car
crushing a garlic clove with the back of a knife
An aeroplane seatbelt clicking in
Automatic hand sanitiser
Arrow going through a target
Spurt of weed killer
Flicking a rubber band
Flicking the sunvisor up in the car
A postage tube
Locking a security door.. the latch
dropping a witches hat onto other witches hats stacked 
The elastic of the face mask hitting you in the face
An electrical protector safety switch switching off
Closing a mobile phone case
Slapping an empty chip packet on a counter
Rubber gloves snapping back
Flicking the switch in the car to lock the doors 
Clicing the sheep counter button
Opening up a can with a metal can opener, piercing the tin
Clipping the clip underneath a push bike helmet
Closing a pool gate
Stepping into the building as you step on the flooring. 
A sledgehammer hitting a crimsafe door 
locking the lock on a security door.
Hitting a key on a typewriter
Slamming a security door shut
Unlocking the padlock on a container
Steel cap boots something dropping on steel cap boots..
Boots hitting the floor
Snap the rubber gloves 
Key snapping open when you push the button
Latching a sliding glass window closed
Putting a safety harness on
Locking the bathroom door
Locking a padlock
The stamping of documents when finalised
Sound the seat belt makes when you pull on it too hard and it stops suddenly
Flicking the switch on the range hood
diconecting the blue tooth speaker
Closing the front of a reverse cycle a/c unit after you clean it
Putting down the auctioneers gavel once something is sold
When your tapping your shoes on the floor to get the gravel out
Closing a sliding wardrobe door
The sound of putting in a smoke alarm
The door on a portaloo closing 
A circuit breaker tripping out
Opening a sliding wardrobe door and it kicks back
Testing your safety switch in your power box 
Closing a oven door
Release lock on a sliding window
Closing the lid on the toolbox on the back of the ute
Kicking the dirt off your shoes
Sliding door cavity flicking the lock
A sliding door hitting the stopper.
Shutting a microwave door
It's dropping a toilet seat
Shutting a sliding door when it hits the stop
When the judge hits his gavel 
Shutting the glass shower screen door
Folding a ladder
Flicking a light switch on or off
Campo chucking an apple and Simone catching it in one hand
Shutting a sliding glass door
Opening a shower door
Turning on  a power switch 
Doing up a bungy strap on a ute
A Piezo ignition switch in an instantaneous gas hot water system
Closing a window
The flooring strips you lay down, not lino
Closing a porta loo door..
Kicking dirt off your work boots before you walk inside 
Retracting a measuring tape back into its case 
Inserting the battery in the smoke alarm
Opening the lid of a bucket
Locking a ladder into position
Putting the safety platform on a ladder ?
Striking a key on an old typewriter
Opening a padlock
Sliding out a Range Hood
Putting down or dropping a bag of concrete or cement on the ground
Closing over a sliding glass door
When you open a ladder up and lock it into place.
Stepping on hardwood floors with steel cap boots
When you're sitting on a recliner lounge and put your foot rest out.
Locking a glass sliding door
snapping on the phone protector case on your mobile
securing a ladder with a locking device
When you snap a smoke detector back into place
An oven light switch
Putting a lid back back onto a paint bucket
A police boot on the wooden step leading into the building 
Closing a toolbox
Putting the cover on a power point
When you take your work gloves off and slap them on the bench
Kicking your toe on the aluminium door frame with a steel cap boot.
An electric circuit breaker tripping 
Kicking your toe on the aluminum sliding door frame with Steel Cap Work boots on
Electrical Circuit protector in meter box in house when it overloads and switches off
When you take your work gloves off and slap them down
locking the security screen door
emptying the dustpan full of dirt into a bin
Turning a light switch on or off
The sound of a car bonnet closing
Closing the door on a aluminium canopy on the back of a ute
Taking your leather pants belt off and pushing it together, folding it in half together and pulling it tight
a quick release on checking a fire extinguisher
Popping air filled packing filler 
lighting up a bic lighter

Slamming shut a sliding cavity door

A lid of a pedestal bin shutting

Assembling the tube on the container dome shelter

Locking a tape measure
The sound of feet stepping on the flooring of an elite portable structure
Flicking a side mirror on a car into place
Closing a toilet lid
Unlocking a safe
Putting in a pop rivet
Flap of the cat flat door shutting
Opening a shipping container
Dropping a lid of a wheelie bin
a padlock hitting a shipping container door
unlocking or locking a glass sliding door with a key
The pop a vacuum sealed jar makes when you open it
Taking a plastic fuel cap off a work ute
A plastic construction sign snapping
Popping your PK Chewing gum
Closing the battery compartment on a smoke detector
Dropping a plastic paint bucket on the ground
Placing a bluetooth speaker on a shelf
Shutting a lid on a paint container
Stepping on the metal door still in the portable
Clicking into the protective door catch
Sliding a window shut and the black latch clicking
Auctionaeer slamming his hammer on the table
Removing a brick or a block from a step as you step into a room
When you click the filter of the A/C back into place
A safety clip on a ladder
Closing the door on a ute
Clipping the cover onto a ceiling light fitting
Releasing a rubber band onto a plastic water bottle
Clipping floorboards together
Stepping onto the ledge of the demountable and kicking it with your steel cap boots
Closing a tailgate
Closing an over door
Pulling up the painters masking tape
using a magnet to release the latch at the back of a childproof cupboard
A ring binder
Locking a safe
Hitting a bass drum on a drumkit with the foot pedal
Locking a wheel lock on a push bike
dropping a floor mat onto the floor
closing the snap button on your steal cap boots 
Taking a step onto gravel 
Unlocking a sliding door
Closing a glass sliding door
Squash ball hitting a wall
Placing a safety helmut on the ground
tightening your hard hat 
putting an A/C remote back into the holder.
Shutting a microwave door
A face mask when you snap back the elastic 
Breaking or tearing plumbers tape off
The flap door on a Vending Machine
Flicking the safety switch back on
wearing a sock & you pill it & it snaps back
Magnetic catch on a cupboard
Unlocking a car with remote
Plastic being knocked against a steel cap boot
Clicking the red dust cover on a smoke alarm before you use it..
Unlocking the security door
When you slide the window open and put the lock halfway along and lock it into place
When you're going to the toilet and you close the door and flick the locking switch
Turning off the radio in the cupboard in the back room
Closing the recycle bin
A hole punch
locking a padlock on a shipping container
Closing a pool gate
Picking up rubbish with a dustpan 
Closing a shipping container
Pulling the River 949 sticker off the radio
Shutting the shower screen door
Door latching shut
Closing a sliding window
Flap in the bottom of a portaloo shutting
Turning the latch on a shipping container and locking it into place
Flicking the switch on a rangehood
Protection cover for a brake light clipping in
When your posting a letter in the red post box
In case of emergency break glass box in a building
Snapping a red dust cover on a smoke detector
Unlocking a smoke alarm off the ceiling
Click the orange safety step on a ladder
When you press the test button on the safety switch
Cat door closing after the cat walks out.
When you open the glovebox door
Installing a smoke detector
Removing the red duster off a smoke detector
Turning off a power point switch
Locking the padlock pushing it down 
Emptying a dust pan and hitting the pan on the side of the bin 
Grabbing the 2 straps and taking the fire blanket off the wall
Placing a plastic paint bucket on the ground
Lighting a bic lighter
Click the batteries back into the red smoke alarm
Removing a lid on a tin of paint
When you press an emergency stopper
A can of soft drink falling from a coke vending machine 
With your boots on taking your first step onto the floor in the portable home
Opening or closing a latch on the shipping container
Turning off a transistor radio
dropping a vinyl floor tile. 
shutter off a security camera 
sensor for a door.
Turning the hot water off on a mixer tap
Placing paint buckets on top of each other
An isolator switch
Click the lid on a sunscreen bottle
putting a bucket of paint down and the handle hitting the side 
Flicking the main power switch down in the metre box on a building.
Dropping a pallet onto another pallet
Stomping on a brake pedal
Clocking on or off on a clock on machine
When the door shuts behind you in a portaloo
The little cover on the back of a car that plugs in your electrics on a car
Clipping the smoke alarm into its bracket
Pulling the pin on a fire extinguisher
Turning the safety switch on the oven
Closing a lid on a bucket of plaster
Opening a ladder and locking into place
Turning the knob on an oven
A pole hitting the Elite Portables container
Magnetic latch on a pool fence gate
disengaging and engaging a roller door
Undoing the latch of on a fire extinguisher
Snapping open or closed a hinged steel ring on a paint drum
Break the plastic bag on a plaster bucket
Locking the door on the Elite Portable portaloo
pressing the pedestrian button at the lights
breaking the emergency glass in the square box in a building
dropping the river 949 speaker on the ground