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SQL IPS R94 Secret Sound Elite Portables 1200x600

We have more chances for you to win instant cash with our Secret Sound!

As Secret Sound goes, the cash will jackpot by $50 every time it doesn’t go off.

Keep listening to Marnie & Campo for Breakfast for your chance to play and keep an eye on this page below for the incorrect guesses.

Secret Sound thanks to Elite Portables Helidon
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Incorrect Guesses
Someone banging their fist on a desk.
Closing a refrigerator door
Closing a screen door.
Dropping a marble onto a tile
Swatting a fly with a fly swatter
Hitting a pool ball (pool table ball
Flicking a rubber band
Releasing a suction cap
 Closing a glass sliding door
Bouncing a handball on concrete
Clicking a pen
Shoot a nerf gun against the wall and one of the suction caps get stuck on the wall
snapping a biscuit
getting a slap 
Flicking a tea towl
Clicking your fingers
Dropping a ping pong ball
Locking an iphone
Replacing the cover of the battery compartment  on a smoke alarm
Flicking the top of an A4 clip down 
Putting a glass down on a kitchen bench
Hitting a key on a computer keyboard
Unlocking a phone
Queue ball hitting a pool ball when playing pool
sticking a toothbrush with a suction cup to the bench
 Putting a cap on a felt pen
 Two pool balls hitting each other
Popping a Balloon
A sliding screen door closing
Closing a book
Insect getting zapped in an insect zapper
The sound a suction cup makes when it let's go.
Shutting a window 
Popping bubble wrap
Opening up a new jar of jam
Throwing a dart into a dart board
Opening a flip top lid...
 closing the lid on the wheelie bin
Clicking the lid down on aerosol can
Pushing a thumbtack into a pin board
Hitting 2 rocks together
Unlocking a mobile phone
Suction pop up poppet toys
Popping a chewing gum bubble
Closing a kitchen drawer
Clicking your fingers
Releasing a suction cap
Opening the metal lid of a jar
Hitting a pool ball with a pool cue
 Cracking the shell on a hard boiled egg.
Slamming a sliding door against the recess
Flicking a light switch
Door closing on a portable toilet
A childs fidget sensory popper
popping bubble wrap
Opening a microwave door 
Two pool balls hitting 
Locking a garage door
Breaking a toothpick
Cracking an egg into a frypan
Pool balls hitting together..
 Tapping a tack into a tack board
 A basketball hitting a backboard
Tapping a finger on the top of a microphone 
 Breaking a Tim Tam
 Blowing a bubbly bubble gum and it popping
Cracking an egg
Releasing the clip on a clipboard
Putting a staple through paperwork for an Elite portable
Switching on a powerpoint
Pulling a nerf bullets off a wall
Tapping a tap dancing show on the floor
Clipping a tupperware lid shut
Plugging in a microphone
Releasing the pressure of a gurney
Closing the flap where the dishwasher tablet goes on the dishwasher
 Suction cap on shower screen / mirror to hold something
2 Billiard / pool balls hitting each other
Pulling a suction cap off the wall
Clapping your hands
Flicking on an air conditioner fan
Campo hitting the ruler on the desk
  A mouse trap device going off
 Breaking a pencil
2 Pool balls hitting together
Childrens poppets, coloured plastic thing that kids pop
Sticking a magnet onto a metal whiteboard
Closing a cupboard
Pressing on a VDMP pad it’s like a digital beep noise
Closing a Microware Door
Clicking down on a old BIC pen and clicking it off
A piece of cutlery being placed into a bowl
Throwing a tennis ball on concrete
Just a bull clip being closed
A ball hitting a skateboard
Basketball hitting the ground
Turning off the switch on a bedside lamp
Chalk hitting on a chalkboard
Breaking a crinkle cut Smith's chip
Newtons Cradle – a desk top thing where you pull the silver balls out
Removing a suction cap
Flicking a rubber band up against a wall
Opening a spring Valley juice bottle
Kettle flicking off after it boils
Chopping wood
Dropping a dice from a table
Pushing a tablet through a blister pack
Two cue balls hitting each other on a pool table
Swatting a fly with a fly swatter
Closing the lid on a coffee pod machine
Two pool balls hitting each other on a pool table
closing a glass window with the little black latch
Tripping an electrical circuit breaker
lighting a cigarette lighter
closing the lid on a laptop
A ball of pizza dough being thrown on a bench
Marnie closing the lid on a personal hand sanitizer
Bouncing a ball
Pressing the ignition switch on a BBQ
Opening a ziplock bag
Slamming the car door
closing a packet of tablets
Punching a punching bag
Tap of a pencil on a table
2 Lawn balls hittting each other
Cracking your knuckles
The noise a suction cup makes when you remove it from a surface
The Blade hitting a wooden copping board after you cut through a carrot
Closing the clip on a clipboard
Closing shower screen door
Pulling lipstick lid off
A hole in 1
Clicking a lid closed on a hand sanitiser container 
 Closing the lid on an ipad.
 Putting a cover on the back of a remote control
The Sound of one hand clapping
Sticking a magnet to the fridge
2 pool balls hitting each other
Tapping a microphone
A bubblegum bubble popping.
Pulling off a perfume bottle lid
A Party popper
Black clip on a sliding window
Dropping a white board marker on the floor
Popping a balloon 
A Wooden hammer hitting wooden pegs into a hole
Popping a bubble with chewing gum
Shooting a nerf gun
The noise you make with your tongue in your mouth
pulling the Suction cup off a mobile phone holder
A medicine ball being dropped on the ground
Hitting the air hockey puck
Marbles hitting each other
One of the bubbles popping on bubble wrap
Having a game of table tennis/ping pong
Flicking a ruler on a desk
Pulling a suction cap off a windscreen
Popping one bubble on bubble wrap
When one botchy ball hits another one
A magnetic strip being clipped onto a magnetic white board
 Bouncing a golf ball on the concrete
 Two marbles hit each other
Closing the sunscreen lid
Rolling 2 dice
A squash ball hitting the wall
Closing the door on a door stopper  
A dart hitting a dart board
A blob of plasticine being dropped on a table
A domino tile falling over
Popping bubble wrap
Shutting the fridge door
Popping a party balloon
Hitting a ping pong ball
Putting the cordless battery into the charger
Closing a packet of Tik Taks
A party popper
Removing the base of the Nurtrabullet from the bench
Flicking a chalk line ( tradie tool)
Snapping the cap on a Gatorade bottle
Popping your finger out from inside your cheek
The popper thing popping of the sensory toy for kids
Connect four
Lifting the lid on a pop top
Closing the lid on a plastic container
Popping bubble wrap
Hitting a table tennis ball
Flicking open a toothpaste lid
Kids toothbrush with the suction on the bottom
Clipping together the strap on a bike helmet
Teeing off a golf ball
Cracking a glow stick
Clicking on the computer sound board
Removing the headphone jack from your phone
A mouthful of bubblegum and you blow a bubble and it pops 
A nail gun putting a nail into a piece of wood
 A mouse trap going off when you set it
 Hitting a baseball
Slapping a ruler down on a desk
Dropping a golf ball on the floor
Popping the rubber sensory things
Closing of a phone case 
Releasing the button on a computer Mouse.
Popping a balloon
Throwing a dart into a dart board
A little sticky thing being pulled off the glass like a little suction cup
Dropping a rock onto a concrete path
Suction cap of a toy bow and arrow hitting the wall.
Pool balls hitting together
Releasing the joystick on a gaming controller.
Opening a can of soft drink
Cracking a boiled egg
Setting off a mouse trap
Snapping your fingers.
The magnetic closure on your electronic device.
A dart hitting a dart board.
 Somebody snapping their fingers
Dropping a cricket ball
Turning a wireless speaker off
Closing a ring binder
A suction cap
Clicking the lid on the pen.
Playing snap
Popping a tablet out of a blister pack
The vintage game Trouble when you press it
A paddleboard
typing on your mobile phone 
A Fly swatter
Opening an umbrella
Putting a piece of scrabble down
The sound of kicking a football
 Releasing the chrom clip on an A4 Clipboard
Clicking the sharp end of a staple remover
Cracking knuckles
Snapping the elastic on your underwear 
Hitting your wooden workbench with a hard rubber hammer  
Taking the cap off your strawberry jam
A Balloon popping 
The latch on a pool gate
Knocking down a wooden pin
Popping in a poppet
 Blowing up a balloon and tying it in a knot and you pull it and let it go and it goes snap
 Hitting a tennis ball
Clicking the dog lead on a dog collar
 Hitting a golf ball
  Playing lawn bowls
Dropping an egg on the floor
 Skipping rope hitting the ground
  Getting your ears pierced 
Hitting a croquet ball
 Shooting a toy gun
 Hitting a cricket ball
Splitting wood 
 Hitting or serving a beach volley ball
 Clipping the clasp on a metal watch band.
Hitting a croquet ball with a mallet
Skipping rope hitting the ground
Busting a water bomb/balloon
Closing a lid on a portable fridge freezer
 Opening the cap on a sunscreen bottle
  An arrow hitting the target.
Soccer ball hitting concrete
hitting a pinata
Hitting a snooker ball with a snooker cue
An eye glass case closing 
 Ignighting  the the BBQ switch.
 A ball hitting the wheelie bin while playing cricket 

Pumping Fuel and when it clicks when your tank is full

 Rubber dome popping ball

Clicking your tongue on the roof of your mouth

Throwing a ball against a wall

Playing botchie

 Playing marbles 
 Hitting a cricket ball
2 wedding rings hitting each other
BBQ click 
Two lawn bowls banginging together
 Pulling a suction cap off a mirror
 A cricket ball hitting the stumps
Opening a guitar case
Hitting in a tent peg
Pulling the cap off a whiteboard marker

 Flicking the strap on red speedos 

 The noise speakers make if a cord jiggles 

 Croquet mallet striking the croquet ball.

Two magnets being joined together
 A kids bow and arrow with a suction cap being pulled off the board
A metal tin with mince in it, clicking the lid shut

The magnetic latch on a shower screen door

Pop darts

 Flicking the latch open on a guitar case 

Connecting a hose onto the tap
 Marnie & Campo giving each other a high five
 Plugging your amp into your acoustic guitar 

Lawn bowls kissing the jack

Clack sticks 

The noise a water balloon makes pulling it off the tap 

Unlocking a deadbolt
Whacking a hunk of meat with a mallet
Chopping wood

 Slapping a mozzie

 Hitting a pinata.
 Closing the latch on an acoustic guitar case.

Bug getting zapped by a bug zapper

Dropping a piece of timber on a wooden deck
Sinking a ball on a pool table

 Unlocking a Car

 Closing a padlock
Suction dart hitting a hard surface
Pressing a keypad on a smartphone or tablet
Xmas Bon Bons pulling apart
Slamming the fridge door

A single bounce of a ping pong ball.

Two marbles hitting togther

After you strum the guitar and tap on it

Hitting a ball with a Raquet

A Music conductor tapping to time

An amp chord getting plugged into an amplifier

Cracking a glow stick 
Tapping on the steering wheel
Snapping Styrofoam
Closing a pool gate
Cracking a whip
Car sun visor suction cup pulled off window

 Pulling a suction cap off a window

Tapping a microphone on stage
Plucking a string on an acoustic guitar
Elite Portables home door closing pop out lock
Breaking a tree branch with my hands
RCD Safety switch in a power box being turned off when you hit the test button
Hitting a Piñata
 Kicking a soccer ball
Hitting the balls with a bowl.

A Bass drum being hit with a pedal

Playing the spoons

Tapping the outside of an acoustic guitar.

Hitting a metal tent peg

Putting a coffee bottle down on a bench

Switching on a microphone

Magnetic latch catching on a pool gate

Jumping on pogo stick

turning off a microphone 

Closing wheelie bin lid 

A dart hitting the dart board
The sound of a golf ball falling into the hole on the green
Opening the lid on a tube of sunscreen
Dropping a bag of nails on the table

 Turning a light switch off

Closing the clip on an acoustic guitar case 

Clicking the hose on a tap

A  entry stamp to get into an event

Plugging in an amplifier

Throwing a plunger against a wall

Flicking the side of your cheek

Hitting a croquet ball with a mallet

Opening up the flip cap on a tube of toothpaste
A toy cap gun