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SQL IPS R94 Secret Sound Elite Portables 1200x600

We have more chances for you to win instant cash with our Secret Sound!

As Secret Sound goes, the cash will jackpot by $50 every time it doesn’t go off.

Keep listening to Marnie & Campo for breakfast and Hinksy on your drive home for your chance to play and keep an eye on this page below for the incorrect guesses.

Secret Sound thanks to Elite Portables Helidon
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Incorrect Guesses
Stapling 2 bits of paper together with a stapler gun
Unfold a chair
Dropping a coin into a car
Mouse trap being set off
Cracking a coldie (a beer)
Putting a coin into a vending machine
Using hole punch
Pressing down on a self inking stamp
Cranking a jack
Second hand on a clock ticking
Using a stapler
Pressing down and releasing a Popo Matic from a boardgame

Using a manual pricing gun

Using a bankcard manual machine

Unlocking a safe

A date sticker gun
Winding back an antique clock
An old fashioned toy camera
A trampoline spring expanding and contracting
Arcade game with a gun that reloads.
Pushing down the dome on a game of trouble.
A ring pull on a can of soup
Buckleing in your seatbelt
Hole punching some sheets of paper
Turning the knob on the occupied on a toilet door
Biting into an apple
Cassette case being opened
Putting the coin in the bubblegum machine 
The shutter on an old fashioned camera
Opening a can of tennis balls
Using an old school price tag machine
An old flour sieve
The old dyno guns used to make labels 
A Ring pull off a can 
Putting a can in a can crusher
When you put your cash card into an ATM and you release it
Ejecting a tape from a boombo
Pool Safety gate shuttin
Pulling the string on an old light
Poolgate latch 
Putting the fuel pump back in the bowser 
Flicking the blade on a razor
A manual credit card machine
Pair of scissors cutting a beard
Opening a can of catfood
Crushing a can with a can crusher
Loading a 22 
A barber chair leaning back and clicking in 
Can opener ejecting a lid into the bin
Smoke canister locking into a smoke gun
The latch on a gate
Pushing down a hole puncher
An ATM dispensing cash 
Opening a tin of moisturiser
Using a flour sifter to sift flour
Putting a refill cartridge into a glue gun
Using a pair of garden shears
Loyatlty card at a barber shop being hole punched.
Moving the height adjuster on a set of hair clippers
Puting an electric shaver back in it's dock
Attaching a disposable razor blade cartridge onto the handle
Opening a ring pull can of mussels
A barista doing a shot of coffee
Opening the tin lid of a beard oil product 
Pushing the bubble on the board game trouble
A Hole punch putting a hole in paper
Unclipping a seatbelt buckle
Putting a headrest on the back of a chair
Putting a video in a video player
Board game trouble pushing down the bubble with the dice 
Putting your disposable razor head onto razor
Adjusting the height of a barber's chair
Pushing down on a self inking stamp
The hand on a clock ticking over
Pushing your foot down on the pedal on a foot pedal bin
aking the lid off a shaving cream can 
Loading a nerf gun
Stapling a piece of paper
Raising the headrest on a barbers chair
Opening a can of whiskers cat food
Raising a headrest on a barbers chair
Flicking out the beard trimmer on an electric shave
Pushing the head rest into a barber chair
Putting the beard clippers down on a table
Popping a lid off a can of shaving cream
A pesz dispenser
Is it trimming the plant Grandfather's beard with clipper's
Using a Stapler
Sharpening a cut throat razor blade on a sharpening stone
Opening a tin of baked beans
An ear piercing gun
Pumping up the height of a barber's chair with a foot pedal
Opening and shutting scissors
Taking the cap off a tin of beetroot
Laying on a chiropractic bed
Straightening your hair with a hair straightener
Replacing your electric beard trimmer back into the recharge holder 
Loading a Nerf Gun
Putting the lid back on a tin or beard wax
Opening a Barber shop door
Pushing the foot pedal to adjust the height down on a Barbers chair
Locking the trimmer into place on an electric shaver

Changing a blade on a set of  clippers

Placing an electric razor on a bench 

Pushing down on a spin top 

Opening a tin of shaving cream

Clicking hte button on the round thing that go on your head for shavin

Popping the top on an aluminium drink can

Laying back the barber chair and clicking into place.

Opening a muscle 

Stappling pieces togther

Beard trimmer dial clicking the guard on and off

Lowering the headrest on a barbers chair

Stapling pieces of paper together

Stamping a loyalty card

Opening up a can of muscles

Changing the battery of a razor

Lifting the handle to change the slide on gear master

Changing the combs on a pair of beard clippers

The sound a barber's chair makes when you adjust the chair

Placing the rotary blades back into your shaver

A beard oil pump bottle

Putting a metal cap on a beer bottle

Putting the lid on a billy can

Locking in the headrest on a barbers chair

A board game where you grow

Shutting the lid on a sterliser with combs 

Popping open a canister of tennis balls

Undoing the latch on a barrel from an air fryer

Adjusting the deck on a mower

Jumping on a pogo stick

Stamping a loyalty card at a barber

Opening a hard case for an electric razor

The release on a barber’s chair

Pushing the lid down on an ashless ashtray

Removing the lid on a beard oil

Opening a can of beer

Taking the lid off a beard wax container

The pin engaging into the headrest of a barber's chair locking in pulling into place.

Spinning yarn on a spinning wheel

Putting your credit card into a swipe machine

Placing a derma-roller in its cradle

Pushing down on a spin top toy

Barber closing his cash register 

A jack in the box 

Twisting an empty smoke canister off a smoke gun

Heavy duty stamp that you push down

Grandfather clock ticking

Flicking the beard trimming head open on a razor 

Pushing down on an onion slicer

Putting a lid back on an aftershave bottle

Opening a can of beans

Opening a glove compartment

Pushing down a kids toy spinner and it spins

Adjusting a barbers chair

Opening a bottle of beer

Pressing or stepping on the gaslift pedal on a barbers chair

Changing the comb on your beard trimmer

Using a corking gun

Pressing the ignition switch on a bbq

Putting a safety cover on a razor 

Opening a stones ginger beer

Locking in the barber's chair 

Opening a can of old stoney ginger beer

Putting a cassette in a tape player

Clicking the headrest of a barber’s chair up

Pressing the pedal on the barber's chair to make it go up.

Using a label gun

A criss cross razor stropper sharpener

Opening on oil bottle of clipper

Opening a mussell shell with a rock

Cricket ball hitting wickets

Opening a can of beard butter

Changing the blade in a cut throat razor

Removing clippers from a box moulding insert

Using a pricing gun

Pushing the button and the head ejecting on an electric razor

Pushing the shutter on a wall stapler

Popping a razor against a marble basin

Opening an old school cash register

When you take the little compartment out of a razor

Sounds like the click from a viewmaster

The middle dice on the game trouble

Shucking an oyster

Changing the battery in a beard shaver

Closing the door of a hot towel warmer

Opening a beer can

Pushing the top of an old school lamp to turn it on

A self-recoil ashtray

Turning the lock on a door to a barber's shop

A Pool gate closing and the latch coming down

A straight edge razor being sharpened on a stone block in a circular motion,clockwise 

Clamping down a stapler on a piece of paper

Putting a shaver back down on a stone benchtop after shaving

Using a nutcracker to crack a nut

Pushing the button on the old ashtray

A seatbelt clicking in

Putting a chordless beard curler back i it's charger

Bringing the back up on a click clack lounge

Opening a bottle of Stones Green Ginger Win

A stamp that a doctor or bank use

Advancing a line on grass trimmer

Having your passport stamped

A bladesmith making a knife

Adjusting the head rest on a barbers chair

Turning the key in the ignition

Unlocking a barber shop

A bottle opener

Setting up and sharpening a cut throat blade

A rotting beard trimmer

Clippers being turned on

Lint brush head rotating

An old school pair of shears

Releasing a gas dispenser in a cream 

Changing the attachment on a bread trimmer

Placing an electric razor on the bench

Aluminium clicker on a strap you load trucks with

Cutting the tape of a dyno tape machine

Putting shaving soap on your face and putting it back in the holder

Closing the door on a hot towel cupboard

Adjusting the heat setting on an electric blanket

Bumping the head of a whipper snipper to let the line out

Sound of a price gun tagging things

Advancing the line on a whipper snipper

Putting the doctor hook album on the cover of the rolling stones on the turn table and it drops down to play the record

Cracking a muscle shell with a stone

Putting the lid back on a tin of shaving cream

Squeezing the trigger on a Whipper Snipper

Turning on one of those electric spinning barbers poles

Opening up a tin of moustache wax 

Opening a can of tomato soup

Opening a can of shaving cream

Ejecting the electric beater

Opening a zippo lighter

A car door handle

Putting a lid on a saucepan

Opening the door on a stereo cabinet

Video game

Opening a can of cream corn

Clicking one of those old fashioned viewfinders

Trigger being squeezed and released on a dyno labeller to emboss a letter

Clicking in beaters to an electric mixer

Pushing the side button on the whipper snipper to pull the cord through

Twisting the top of a tin of stone fields whip beard cream

Pushing the head on a whippersnipper

Pushing the bump feed on a line trimmer

A sewing machine being pressed down and released

A conductor punching a hole in a ticket 

Putting a head on a wipe snipper

Connecting a battery to a line trimmer

Winding the line into a line trimmer bump head

Closing the lid on a bread maker

Rock grinder that sharpens

Winding the line into a line trimmer bump head

Closing the lid on a bread maker

Rock grinder that sharpens

Bump feeding a whipper snipper

Popping the lid off a milo tin

Using a dymo machine printing labels

Connecting an attachment to whippa snippa 

Flipping the lid on a Stone and Wood beer

Putting a cover back on a Whippa Snippa

Releasing the beaters on an electric hand mixer

Ejecting the cassette tape from a tape recorder

Using a pair of Hedge shears

Push down ashtray

Removing a battery out of a weed trimmer

Opening a CD player drawer

Pulling the face shield down when whippersnipping

Pulling in the throttle and releasing it on a whippersnipper

Pulling out self sharpening scissors

Loading a CD into a CD player

Automatic dice roller on a game 

Releasing  the eclectic beaters  beaters on a mix master

The clicking sound of a large stapler

Emptying a Dyson vacuum cleaner

Sliding the lever over to put a record on a record player

Taking a blade out of a razor and putting in a new one.

A canister off a rock tumbler

Switching off the choke mechanism 

Switching the switch on a record player from 33 to 45

Taking a lid of a can of whip cream

Taking the lid of a can of shaving cream

Someone closing a head on an electric shaver

Pulling the pull chord on your whippa snippa 

Weed trimmer battery being clicked back into place